Hiking tours during hot summer days

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Hot weather and high temperatures are here for good.
Does this mean we should quit hiking? Of course not!


Don’t let your hiking hobby restrict you to playing outside for a meager few months out of the year.
Nature now is really beautiful and yes, hiking can be cooling as well.


Trigiro organizes tours that include hiking in green shady woods among streams and waterfalls away from busy hot cities. What else can you do to help yourself staying cool? Follow these summer hiking tips to help you feel more comfortable in warmer days.


  1. Hydrate. Be sure to carry more water than you think you’d need – and remember to sip often.
  2. Whenever you are near water, make sure that you wet yourself down. Staying wet is one of the best things that you can do to help decrease your core body temperature.
  3. Wear a sun hat. Hats not only prevent sunburn, but are also good for keeping insects off your head.
  4. Wear bright coloured loose clothes to allow adequate air circulation.
  5. Stay Salty. Keep your salt levels balanced by occasionally drinking a sports drink with electrolytes instead of plain water and/or eating a salty snack.


And finally, trust your Trigiro hiking tour guides that will choose the best hiking conditions for you and don’t let high temperatures keep you off the trails!


Check some photos of our summer hiking tours

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