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It is a common saying that we are what we eat and this absolutely sounds true. Μore and more in nowadays, we see young people who don’t exercise and prefer a more sedentary life. Playing games in pc, eating junk food and watching tv for hours is the new scourge of the society.


Starting from the young age, children should be taught in a more healthy lifestyle. Sports combined with healthy food should make up the daily life of each child. It’s been observed that we have high rates of obesity both in adults and children. This is result of sedentary life and we all must to eliminate it. We have to ensure sports and a more healthy food in the daily life.


Furthermore drinking drinks with high alcohol degrees, we get dehydrated as a result to deteriorate day by day our body . We should drink a lot of water especially on summer months, fresh juices and eating fruits.  Drinking drinks with low ABV (alcohol by volume)  and more natural distillation is a better choice than other high alcohol drinks. Wine is a spirit which is part of the healthy lifestyle. Is a good idea to include and know more about the wine culture in our lifestyle.


To sum up, be healthy means be strong and you get addicted when you see yours gains and benefits of yourself.
Follow us in our tours and discover the paths of wine and don’t hesitate… pick up and eat fresh fruits from trees while we hike into the nature.


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