Tips for your trip

We send you an email one week prior to your trip that includes information about:

  • The names and phone numbers of your guides
  • Detailed information about our meeting point
  • Timely information in case of final changes
  • The weather conditions

The currency used in Greece is the Euro. There are eight Euro coin denominations: 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 cents and €1 and €2. And seven notes: €5, €10, €20, €50, €100, €200 and €500.


ATMs are to be found in every town large enough to support a bank.


Credit cards
Credit cards are usually accepted in Greece but not everywhere.  But, not all credit cards use the same technology, and it is possible one would work where another one would not.

You should bear in mind that trigiro team will take you to small mountain villages where there is no bank or ATM or where is unlikely that credit cards are accepted. So in case of additional needs make sure you have cash on you.

No need for panic. Trigiro team will be there to support and help you in case of a strike.


The climate in Greece is typical of the Mediterranean climate. Although the trips are not organized in July and August when temperatures reach over 40C, it may be hot in May, June and September.


The consumption of pork is a widespread habit in Greece.
Garlic is the “secret ingredient” of flavor in Greek cuisine and wheat flour is one of the main ingredients in many traditional dishes. Good vegan and vegetarian choices.
Please, inform us of any food allergies or special dietary needs.

Stay Warm and Keep Cool
Layering is the best way to stay warm and keep cool. Although we can’t guarantee that the weather will be perfect, we can guarantee that the sun may not always shine. To keep you protected from the elements or feel cool on a hot day, carry rain gear. Put on a breathable synthetic shirt under a vest, a windbreaker or fleece jacket. Don’t forget your sunglasses and sunscreen.


For your comfort on the bike, make sure that you wear the appropriate clothing. Padded shorts or cycling shorts are recommended to help prevent chafing and soreness after a long day on the saddle. We also encourage you to wear a cycling jersey or a breathable synthetic shirt.


Picking the right pair of shoes is very important for hiking. A pair of hiking shoes with ankle support and the right fit that prevents you from slipping is highly recommended.


Trigiro Secret: When you visit Greece, you must always have your swimsuit with you. You may come across a beautiful beach where it will be impossible to resist and not have a swim!

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