trigiro | τριγύρω

means to stroll around from one place to another

trigiro | trijiro | τριγύρω | The Greek verb “trigirno” derives from the medieval word “trigiro” and it means to wander, to stroll around from one place to another.


trigiro – unique travel experience means to visit unique and secret spots. You don’t just go to a place… you discover a place to connect with.


trigiro in Greece means to go biking and feel the fresh air caressing your face, eat bright red cherries right from the tree, enjoy home cooked meals, savour Xinomavro wine and indulge in philosophical reflections, go biking through roads with pine trees and vineyards, dive in crystal clear waters, make friends with the locals and sip Raki with them, contemplate the big blue of the Aegean Sea.


feel the trigiro spirit and live a unique travel experience.


trigiro – unique travel experience
bike | hike | taste | feel

the trigiro experience

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