Wine tasting tours in Greece – Estate Chrisohoou

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Welcome to Naoussa
the northern Greece best-known wine-producing region.

During the bike and hike tours of trigiro in the region of Naoussa, northern Greece, we visit several wineries and do wine tastings discovering the wine variety of “Xinomavro”. One of our stops is in the Estate Chrisohoou, a familiar winery that produces attended wines with desire, character and tradition.



3rd stop Estate Chrisohoou

The Estate Chrisohoou is built in absolute traditional style combining the tradition of wine with the one that hides the town of “Naoussa” and the family.

The privately owned vineyards are cultivated with various white and red varieties. The estate produce red wines of the variety “Xinomavro” but also a white wine with the method of “Blanc de Noir”. They produced also noted French varieties like Merlot, Syrah, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Ugni Blanc, as well as the old little know, local white grape “Priknadi”.

On a tour through the winery we meet a specifically shaped tasting wine room where the visitor and friend of the Estate have the possibility to taste the wines that produces the family Chrisohoou. Particular importance has the collection of family from objects of wine as decanters, corkscrews, glasses, etc.

One very nice spaces of the winery is the museum that contents various viticultural and enologist objects like wooden wine-presses of 1900, old demijohns, bottling, cork and labelling machines, etc.

The big wine tasting room with views to the vinyards externalize the warm and friendly familiar ambient that dominates in the Estate. It is decorated with elements of earth, particular tables and objects that they transport in the passion and the desire of art that is called “WINE”.

Trigiro’s Tip: don’t miss the incredible view of the barrels with a glass of Cava Chrisohoou 



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