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Kalo mina! [ καλό μήνα ]

The first day of each month, the greeks wish to each other Kalo Mina, which literally means «good month».

August has just started, the summer holidays can begin and trigiro members are ready to live a new unique experience discovering new destinations.

The team will visit three small Cycladic Islands exploring secret spots, which will be integrated into new tours in 2015.

Contact us to plan your Small Cyclades Tour for 2015 and be the first discovering amazing places in small, clam and relaxing Islands in Greece.


Folegandros is a small island (32 km2, 650 inhabitants) in the Aegean Sea that forms the southern part of the Cyclades. It is an untouched piece of true Greece. The locals like to distinguish it as the “Island of Peace”.

trigiro tour cyclades folegandros
trigiro tour cyclades folegandros


Sikinos is an Island near to Folegandros (42 km2, 273 inhabitants). It was known as Oinoe (Island of Wine) in Ancient Greece. At Sikinos, time and people have kept intact the traditional Cycladic colors.

trigiro tour cyclades sikinos 02
trigiro tour cyclades sikinos 01


Anafi is one of the Islands that forms the southern part of the Cyclades (40 km2, 271 inhabitants). Anafi is claimed to have 181 species of rare flora. Anafi has a unique landscape and a wonderful hospitality offered by the friendly islanders.

trigiro tour cyclades anafi 02
trigiro tour cyclades anafi 01

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