The health benefits of a tour with Trigiro

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During our tours, you will cycle or hike in Northern Greece, next to mountains, and discover vineyards in a dynamic atmosphere.

And it will do a lot of good to your health!


There are a lot of well-known benefits from sports : it keeps you in a good health, helps loosing weight, and everybody knows that feeling after one hour of an intense sportive activity. More specifically, what are the benefits of cycling and hiking ?

  1. Cycling strengthens your heart: you will then recover faster from exercise and reduce your risk of cardio-vascular diseases
  2. Cycling improves your lung volume and your blood flow: it helps oxygenate your organs and muscles better, resulting in a decrease of cholesterol level and hypertension
  3. Cycling reinforces your bones, which prevents risks of osteoporosis, and makes your muscles and ligaments more powerful
  4. Cycling helps relaxing and develops your senses, like touch (through uncontrolled acceleration and deceleration) or smell (through strong breathing)
  5. Trekking has a lot of these effects on a lower scale, and also maintains flexibility and agility.

On a larger scale, sport also helps fighting against depression, or prevents from relapse:
it acts on self-esteem, encourage social life by making you part of a community, it also reduces stress, or gives a way to externalize bad thoughts and forget about all your troubles!


Most of the benefits of red wine come from resveratrol, which is a compound found in the skins of red grapes, but also other fruits. Plants produce it to fight off bacteria and to protect themselves against ultraviolet irradiation. As red wine is fermented with the skin, it naturally contains more resveratrol than white wine, and thus has more beneficial effects.

If you drink it with moderation (1 glass/day for women and 2 glasses/day for men), studies have shown that red wine has indeed a lot of good effects on your health:

According to the University of Barcelona, it also reduces per 3 the risks of depression for elderly people and prevents from sunburn:  Flavonoids, found in wine and grapes, inhibit the formation of the ROS which triggers the process of sunburn. And these are not the only effects of red wine : it can reduce risk of colon cancer of 50% (University of Leicester, UK), prevent from prostate cancer (Harvard Men’s Health Watch), or boost levels of omega-3 fatty acids in the body which protect against coronary heart disease.

Long live wine!


The fresh air of the mountain will revitalize you! With fewer pollution, this is the perfect place for practicing sport. You oxygenate yourself better and produce more red blood cells, which improve immune defenses. The stronger luminosity impacts on your mental stability, making you happier, and the big relaxing spaces help you to feel peaceful and close to the nature.It is also a place with a lot of adventure and undiscovered secrets!


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