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the trigiro experience

Trigiro designs hike and bike tours in Greece. Unique travel experiences in Halkidiki, Thessaloniki, Naoussa, Cyclades, North Greece and other amazing destination. Discover the mountains, see, beaches and enjoy the sun during a wine tasting. Bike and hike through wine yards by the sea. Hiking...

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27 August
trigiro small scale tours
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Trigiro small scale tours

Just because you don’t have many days for vacation doesn’t mean you can’t take part in a Trigiro unique travel experience! We have designed small scale tours for you! BIKE HIKE TASTE FEEL in one of our 3 days small scale tour. Bike through vineyards, hike collecting...

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17 July
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trigiro goes online

After an intensive work in office and nature, trigiro goes online with its website and the social media sites, facebook, twitter, google+, instagram, pinterest and youtube. All our team members Niovi, Cecile, Konstantinos and Daniel are very happy about this big milestone and are excited to start the trigiro tours. The...

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09 May

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