Support Greece! Make holidays in Greece!

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Support Greece! Make holidays in Greece!

If you want to live the experience of you life and support Greece, then make your holidays in Greece.

Greece offers everything: sun, beach, mountain, biking and hiking paths, wine and food, amazing interesting and long culture and history,…

Visit Greece! The weather is just as stunning as it ever was this time of year; the archaeological sites just as interesting; the beaches just as magical; the food just as heart-healthy. The prices are significantly cheaper than usual. It is one of those rare everybody-wins situations.

The people are even more welcoming, more hospitable and more grateful than ever. The reaction to difficulty has been a broader smile, a wider embrace. We understand that you have a choice and we understand why you have chosen Greece right now. Tourism is solidarity.

Try to spread the solidarity around: instead of going for very popular destinations, check the smaller places in Macedonia and Chalkidiki. Stunning beaches (and much quieter ones) are never too far away, and some of the sites you can visit are breathtaking. Naoussa, Vergina, Meteora, Mount Olympus and many others.

Book your tour with Trigiro, we will show you the small and secret places of Greece!

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