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Rakokazana “Ρακοκάζανα” – Distilling Tsipouro

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Each October in Naoussa (North of Greece) the distilleries “ρακοκάζανα rakokazana” start their season. The process of distilling “τσίπουρου – tsipouro” is amazing and a unique experience. From the distillation of grapes mixed with some aromas the distillers produce the Greek magic transparent drink.

This process in Naoussa is always involved with a good company, “μεζέδες –mezedes”, a barbeque and many times accompanied with traditional Greek musicians and their instruments.  More than a process it’s a celebration for all ages. The tsipouro is usually shared with good friends around a table with food, ending in celebration mood, singing and dancing all together.

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