Naoussa: Sorry… no beaches

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Naoussa doesn’t have sea, but mountains and good wine.

This is the new branding of the city of Naoussa and the truth is that there is nothing to be jealous from other destinations. It is a city which is absolutely able to attract many visitors around the world.


Naoussa is located in northern Greece, having big natural resources and huge historical inheritance. You can get lost in the magic of Naoussa’s nature and waters. From the mountain resort of 3-5 pigadia, to the enchanting  St Nicholas’ Grove, the beauty of the landscape will captivate you. “Surf the green” into St. Nicholas’ Grove where you will find an amount of plane, oak and maple trees and a wonderful river, waiting for walks, hiking and activities for people of all ages.


Naoussa does not unfairly possesses the title  “the city of wine”. Wines of Naoussa are the highest awarded Greek reds, known for their aromatic and complex character and durability. Enjoy a glass of this famous wine like kings, emperors, travellers did for hundreds of years  in every corner of the world. Browse the vineyards of great wineries and get to know the people behind the labels. Hide yourself between the oak barels and, if you are lucky enough, you’ll have the chance to try some old , rare vintages of Xinomavro. Due to the fact that a good wine combined with a better food, in Naoussa you will have the chance to taste fresh local dishes. Fresh trout, other meat, delicious cheese “batsos” in traditional restaurants hidden in the nature. Don’t forget to try the famous seasonal fresh fruits peaches, apples and cherries of Naoussa.


As far as the history of this city is concerned, the ancient “Boules” custom, which is revised every year during carnival season, is the most visual expression of culture in Naoussa. Moreover you have the chance to visit the ancient Aristotle’s school where  Alexander the Great was educated.


So, what if we don’t have beaches. Let your senses lead you and visit Naoussa to explore a new destination offering an unforgettable experience.


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