tirigiro - bike and wine tour in Naoussa

Highlights “BIKE and WINE weekend” in Naoussa

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“BIKE and WINE weekend” in Naoussa

This time we were a group of 12 people.
Before starting biking we had a special drink. The trigiro refreshment and power drink!
An amazing cold tee composed of natural fruits and several aromas. The perfect drink to get some vitamins for the bike tour.

After checking and fitting our bikes we started the bike and wine tour with a beautiful weather and nice temperatures.

Wineries and wine tastings

After 20 kilometer of mountain roads we rode through vineyards paths to reach our first winery. After a very nice guided tour in the winery we taste three different varieties of wine accompanied by local specialties.
Then we rode through the vineyards to a second winery where we finished our bike and wine tour with a last wine tasting. 


After the amazing bike and wine tour we had some rest at the hotel.
At the evening we went to a Rakokazano to have dinner with own distilled Tsipouro (Greek grappa) accompanied with local specialties. 

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