First time in Greece

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If this is your first travel into Greece, brace yourself – you are about to discover the Greek sharing and generous way of life.

Starting with sun, which will enlighten your days from 6 in the morning to 9 in the afternoon in the summer, and provide a warm background for every one of your days. You will discover the typical dishes, from Musaka to Octopus, Bugatsa (pastry with cream) and Souvlaki (typical meat sandwich) included. You’ll love the typical way of cooking with olive oil, which provides to meals a sweet flavour of South.

You may also discover that Greece is all about generosity and sharing. In the typical restaurants called Tavernas, the tradition wants you to order several different plates to share with the whole table, in an atmosphere full of laughs. When comes time for alcohol, you will notice that people generally toast every time they drink. Everything happening is a good pretext to say “yamas” (“cheers”).

People speak loud, make conversation even if they don’t know you, and are happy to say the few words they know in your language if they do. When talking to each other, you may notice the word “Kalo” is repeated very often, which means approximately “good”. Indeed, Greeks make themsleves every kind of good wishes. It is highly probable they would wish you to have a good trip when you will go back from the supermaket to your hotel.

These are some of the reasons you will feel home very quickly when traveling among locals, and probably feel a little sad when leaving…

Come anytime to discover more of the Greek culture, you are more than welcome!


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