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Experience the Xinomavro wine in our Naoussa tour

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Naoussa is an unparalleled wine region in Greece. Xinomavro-Naoussa  is a wine lover’s wine. It’s not fruity and sweet, nor soft and round. Xinomavro-Naoussa/Amynteo has a breathtaking array of aromas and flavors, complex enough to make even the most beguiling old world wines blush with envy. It tastes like it comes from somewhere, with an unmistakable profile born of the combination of grape and place. It’s exceedingly age-worthy and food friendly, and capable of capturing the attention of anyone tuned in to true terroir wines. At it’s best, Xinomavro-Naoussa is a wine worthy of comparison to, say, the great Nebbiolo-based reds of Barolo, Barbaresco and the Valtellina in north-western Italy, or the structured and savory pinot noirs of the Côtes de Nuits in Burgundy. On our tours to Naoussa, trigiro’s guests get an excellent introduction to the region’s varied wine: Xinomavro wine. 

What better way to jump into the Naoussa’s world of wine by biking through vineyards, meeting wine makers, touring and tasting different Xinomavro wines.


In our tours we visit:

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