Biking Tours in Greece “some biking advices”

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Biking Tours in Greece with Trigiro
“some biking advices”

To help you during your Trigiro tours, here are some advice for bike beginners.

Everybody can ride on a flat ground, that’s easy. But we like challenges and you might encounter small climbing during the ride.
But don’t worry, even if you are not well trained, everybody can manage an escalation like a boss if you follow these advice: First, begin slow and easy. Your heart rate must not increase dramatically, take a regular pace and breath deeply. Loosen your upper body at maximum so that you don’t waste energy. Most of the time, stay sit, because you use about 5% more energy on a bike if you stand. If you want some challenge, you can go faster on the final 100 or 200 meters.

Then, the good news is: if you just escalated a climb, it means you will soon enjoy a good downhill. However, it can be scary at first, because you will gain a lot of speed very quickly. What you need to do is to adapt your position to spread your weight, to keep your wheels firmly on the ground and make the bike more predictable. Shift your rear back and try to lower your center of gravity. Be cautious with the brakes! Slow down before turns, as braking generally cause the bike to go straight. Remember that the front brake holds 80% of the stopping force. Otherwise, in turns, start wide and finish in the interior of the turn to flatten the movement. Lean your bike rather than your body.

If you choose to go in group tours, then you will have to ride among other people, and it can be challenging if you are not used to it. In this case, start a bit farther back, and look through the riders in front of you to anticipate the general lead. Be cautious not to drive into the others, and try as much as you can to keep a constant speed.

As for the gears, that on the right concern the rear wheel and change a lot the ease of pedaling, whereas the left gears concern the front wheel and serve small tunings. Always anticipate next part of the path to change gears before finding yourself in a difficult situation.

Finally, don’t forget to drink!

But don’t worry if you don’t remember everything, our guides will always be here to help you in case of problem and make you spend an amazing time!

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