3 trees and the nature you are likely to meet during your Trigiro tour

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Discover the nature, trees, plants and flowers of Naoussa in one of our tours

There is no doubt that the nature surrounding Naoussa and the nearby villages is full of beauties with a large variety of trees, plants and flowers. When joining a Trigiro tour it is almost impossible that you will not notice these plants along the way:

1. Peach trees

Naoussa is proven to be the ideal place to cultivate peach trees in Greece due to the appropriate climate and soil conditions. It is no coincidence that most residents are experienced producers from generation to generation, cultivating fruit (peach) rich in aroma and unique taste. An important fact is that the best varieties of peaches are produced here. As a result, the peaches which are produced in Naoussa have been recognized as Products with Protective Designation of Origin (P.D.O), and they are unique as they are the only in Greece and of few in Europe with this accreditation.

2. Cherry trees

Another popular fruit tree found in orchards of the area is cherries. The picking up is difficult and time consuming as they must be picked one by one, and only by hand. The fruit mustn’t be parted from its stem, otherwise its juice will outflow and the fruit will be damaged. So with the combination of the longing and the valuable experience of the farmers who respect the Earth, cherries of intense color, great taste and long lasting, are produced.

3. Vineyards

In 1971 Naoussa became Greece’s very first wine region to be given its own official appellation title, and served as a model for the Greek appellation system. The classic Naoussa wine is a structured, savory red made exclusively from Macedonia’s flagship red-wine grape Xinomavro. The vineyards are planted at altitudes between 150m and 350m (500ft and 1100ft) above sea level. The best spots are those on south and southeast-facing slopes which make the most of all available sunshine.

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